Guerrilla Cambridge

Catalyst supplied knowledgeable and flexible production services that allowed us to experiment, test, choose, refine and manage our outsourced art requirements. Their help and advice was invaluable and allowed us to set up a system that suited our particular needs.

Mark Green, Senior Producer, SCEE Guerrilla Cambridge Studio


Sumo Digital

Catalyst worked with us on a co-development project when our previous service provider unfortunately went out of business. We needed Catalyst to help source some key talent, get them ramped up quickly and deliver a key SKU. They managed to solve all the problems we threw at them, were very effective in managing issues and delivering and submitting the product. It’s great to have such a capable and adaptable service provider available in the UK.

Steven Zalud, Director of Product Development, Sumo Digital



XPEC has worked with Catalyst for over 3 years now and in this time we have completed work on a wide range of AAA titles. When collaborating with Catalyst we have seen how professional and down to earth their team is. They really bring an additional dimension to the development studios needs and to the outsourcing process. Catalyst are always quick to identify issues and come up with practical implementations of solutions and best practices. XPEC is always happy to work with Catalyst and has every confidence that projects involving this partnership will end successfully.

Solomon Temowo, Studio Director of Art Production, XPEC



Catalyst brought a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience to the Travel Bug project. Displaying exceptional focus, organisation, integrity, communication skills and insight, they were an invaluable trusted business partner. They were also unfailingly personable and a pleasure to work with. When it comes to outsourced production options - I highly recommend them!

Jolene Colquhoun, Senior Business Development Manager, Sony (SCEE/SNE)


Sanuk Games

We’ve been working with Catalyst on a project where we were the contractor, and Catalyst was hired by the publisher to manage us. Catalyst’s extensive experience of game production and the trust relationship they had built with the publisher was essential: they helped educate business development people about our production constraints, while educating us about the publisher’s processes.

Yan Marchal, Managing Director, Sanuk Games


Lucid Games

Lucid and Catalyst worked together on the PS VITA game Travel Bug. The project contained many technical challenges, we took full advantage of the connected capabilities of PS VITA - geo-caching, augmented reality, character customisation, social network integration and asynchronous multiplayer were areas we needed to get right to make the game a success. With Catalyst's deep understanding of both game development and publishing, their experience was essential when solving the complex problems we faced.

Pete Wallace, Studio Head, Lucid Games


Fireproof Studios

“Due to Catalyst’s strong relationship with clients such as Sony meant they could immediately help us build an efficient development and review structure between the studios. Catalyst also proved to be proactive in finding solutions to any scheduling or development issues and provided clever, balanced solutions when needed to ensure work was delivered to quality. Working with Catalyst felt like working directly for an internal team, their transparency and knowledge of the project was fantastic and enabled us to concentrate on what we do best.”

Damien Rayfield, Co-founder, FIREPROOF STUDIOS


t@g – bolser

“We worked extensively with Catalyst to deliver t@g for the PS Vita, the project was extremely technically challenging, combining a completely new device and OS with GPS, geo-location, integration with PSN and web services. Catalyst were a true partner in the process, guiding us through the development process, helping with the technical issues, leading us through the many technical aspects of the job and submission approval process. All in all, Gareth and Catalyst were an essential part of the team that helped deliver this innovative and ground breaking App fo PS Vita.”

Ashley Bolser, Managing Director, BOLSER



We have had the pleasure of working with Catalyst Outsourcing for our last game title. Their deep experience and understanding of the complexities of the videogames development industry: QA process, game localization, gameplay, etc., coupled with their great flexibility and commitment with the project, made it possible that the end result exceeds expectations.

Antonio Jose Mora, Chief Technical Officer/Founder, StormBASIC games



Catalyst's years of experience with Sony made them an invaluable partner when developing for a PS Vita launch title. They were incredibly helpful in establishing excellent relationships with Sony's QA department and smoothing the path through First Party QA. They also provided a much needed buffer for our development team against requests which would impact on our primary task of developing the game.

Mark Inman, Producer & Co-Founder, Honeyslug Ltd


THQ Digital

“Catalyst provided a high quality turnkey outsource solution when we needed to create in-game assets for an unannounced PSN and XBLA game. Combining UK-based project management with offshore asset creation, Catalyst were able to deliver high quality 3D assets on time and on budget. Their transparency throughout the process and willingness to come on-site to meet face-to-face with our development team made Catalyst a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

Tim Preece, Chief Operating Officer, THQ Digital UK Ltd


Ubisoft Reflections

Catalyst delivered the highest production value solutions for many aspects of our development. Senior team members were able to hand over the day-to-day operations of specific outsourcing tasks to Catalyst, giving them the freedom to focus on more important internal core game features.

Gareth Edmondson, Studio Director, Ubisoft Reflections.



We’ve worked with Catalyst as our primary outsource partner on James Bond Blood Stone and they’ve been able to provide a one stop solution to all of our outsourcing needs, across all disciplines, whatever the size of the task. Catalyst have a unique ability to quickly identify and secure vendors at the right price, as well as take away all of the time consuming management overhead and initial quality control to ensure that our development team are able to focus on quality. It’s been a pleasure to work with Catalyst and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Nick Davies, Producer, Activision


Bizarre Creations

They are a great service provider and have come on leaps and bounds since their inception; their services are 1st class and have a broad remit. They are a true gem in a very sticky area of our industry.

Brian Woodhouse, Studio Director, Bizarre Creations


Develop Awards 2010

Formed two years ago to offer a complete outsourcing solution to studios, Catalyst has an interesting business model that assumes total control of ancillary production for developers, allowing them to focus entirely on the development process. The firm has major partners across the globe, and is at present preparing for the release of three major projects it has been involved with since its founding. Catalyst is a fascinating and ingenious addition to the outsourcing solutions industry, and one that’s here to stay.

Develop Awards 2010 Finalist


Bethesda Softworks

When looking to source a company able to provide us with a total “one-stop-solution” to a very specific requirement in terms of creativity, budget and schedule, we needed a group that shared our extremely high production values and creativity. As a result, Catalyst succeeded in providing a professional, courteous service that delivered in a timely fashion, and could be considered a preferred partner of ours or for any future projects.

Greg Hounsom, Executive Producer, Bethesda Softworks


Massive Black Inc.

Catalyst does a great job at what can sometimes be considered a thankless task - bridging the gap between developer and outsource vendor(s), to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the project has a successful outcome. I've worked with him multiple times and have found that, especially on large projects with multiple vendors, it is very helpful to have someone coordinating the disparate elements of production, and facilitating clear communication between the dev team and the outsourcer(s), both of which Ivan does very well. In addition to being very detail oriented, he is tireless and very personable, qualities which are often in short supply when things get hectic. He is skilled at resolving any issues that may arise during the course of production, and mediating between the different parties involved, so that everyone can stay focused on the successful completion of the project.

Dan Staton, 3D Director/Studio Director, Shanghai Office, Massive Black Inc.


Spiral House

Since Catalyst was formed, we have found their services invaluable to our development process, without which our projects certainly would not have met the high standards, the industry demands. I would recommend their services to every other publisher and developer in the industry!

Bobby Earl, Founder, Spiral House.