How We Work


Mission Statement

To become the one-stop production service provider of choice for the videogame industry

What we do for you

  • Assist in creating and reviewing a client’s outsourcing requirements
  • Evaluate the business culture compatibility of each vendor during the selection process
  • Understand and communicate a client’s goals
  • Constantly manage the business relationship of customer and vendors
  • Provide well-written legal agreements between Catalyst and the vendors to make sure all aspects of the work are covered and all IP protected.
  • Communicate regularly with all parties to assist in the on-time delivery of the work.
  • Focus on the risk mitigation capabilities and tracking process that anticipate problems before they occur and that keep the work on track.
  • Provide a quick response to problems and address them immediately

Production Services

Catalyst Outsourcing is a Game Production Service Company offering the highest production value solutions for all aspects of videogame development. Learn why your next game depends on them

  • improve your team’s performance?
  • save time?
  • save money?
  • make better games?

Our Business

Catalyst services the increasing trend within the videogame industry to turn to outsourcing for significant elements of their game development and production. In 2010 it was estimated that outsourcing accounted for 37% of an average game’s development budget. This figure will only increase going forward.

The majority of developers are using outsourcing. Implemented correctly it is cost efficient; it may even help streamline a process and reduce your development time. However, all too often concerns arise over completion and the overall added value to a project. The approach to outsourcing can be the difference between many big headaches or delivering a game that is a commercial success.

Catalyst was formed to help developers and publishers manage things that happen outside of their studios. We identified that more and more videogame developers and publishers were using external production services but they were struggling to get the best out of this approach. By using Catalyst, our customers have been able to increase the quality of their games whilst keeping costs, particularly resource costs, under tight control.

Catalyst offers a wide range of video game production services and our focus towards outsourcing is one, not just of quick fixes, but better preventive solutions along the entire lifecycle of our outsourcing process. We will de-risk the outsourcing process for your game and cover all critical factors of outsourcing within our production services.

By overseeing and successfully managing the whole process, Catalyst enables your key staff the freedom to focus on more important core game components without distractions from ancillary and support functions.

Catalyst Outsourcing will deliver a managed solution to meet your deadlines and by working with our global network of development partners, will save you time and money.

Catalyst believes that outsourcing fails due to immature processes at both sides of the engagement but by employing the services and experience of Catalyst – developers and publishers eliminate the risk of failure.